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Here's a list of books I found very helpful and enjoyable before and after the trek. Most books can bought cheap in Kathmandu's Thamel area. I personally like to shorten the waiting time for the next trek by reading at home:



Title / Description if you live in Switzerland, Germany or Austria.
Caravans of the Himalaya, Eric Valli

The most famous (and best?) coffeetable book about Dolpo. If you have to convince a friend to join you for the trek, give him this book as a present.

Tales of the Turquoise, C. Jest, 

Various folk tales from Dolpo, easy and interesting reading. Perfect for taking on the trek.

The Snow Leopard, Matthiesen

This is probably the most famous book about Dolpo. I didn't like it that much, too spiritual for my taste, but judging by number and the tone of emails I get many people disagree with me and enjoyed this book very much. 

Stones of Silence, by George B. Schaller,

a biologist who travelled with Matthiesen to Dolpo, this book contains accounts of several expeditions in various parts of the Himalayas and Karakorum, one of them about the snow leopard and blue sheep in Dolpo. 

Himalayan Pilgrimage, Snellgrove, 

an early Buddhist scholar who writes about his long journey from Dolpo to Kathmandu, covers also the Manaslu. Great.

Should be easy to find in Pilgrim bookshop in Kathmandu.

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Bön - Tibet's Ancient Religion

Bon is an old religion still being practised in Dolpo. This books gives excellent information. Available in English and German. Beware: It covers Dolpo only very briefly.

Four Lamas of Dolpo, David Snellgrove

interesting background information can be gathered when reading between the lines of four lamas' biographies. The biographies themselves might not always be that interesting for regular readers.


list not complete, still in progress

Title / Description if you live in Switzerland, Germany or Austria.
Nepal Lonely Planet

Good introduction.

Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya