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Travel Hints


I believe that being properly prepared makes travel much more enjoyable. It takes away the unnecessary worries and lets you be more flexible for those things which are worth it.


I don't want to list all the DOs and DONOTs. You might be visiting areas that have been in little contact with Westerners. You are the ambassador, and your behaviour will have a direct impact of how you are being treated. Get familiar with local culture and customs. 

As a general rule: Smile, be humble and nice, but not overly naive.


Proper equipment

Taking the right things can make the difference between an enjoyable and a miserable trek. Here is what I usually pack, a good combination of "little weight" and "comfortability". 

 see Equipment list



You will encounter endless picturesque scenes on your trek. When having a look at your pictures back home, I often found it quite frustrating because very few really captured what I saw and felt. 

Having decent equipment and remembering some photography hints has reduced the number of disappointing pictures. I'm an amateur, so do not expect great insights from me, but maybe these hints are also helpful to you. 

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