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Enormous glaciers beneath us shortly before Leh, tall summits at the horizon (sadly not in the picture) must the giants of the Pakistani Karakorum.

leh_valley.jpg (111838 bytes)
Green valley of Leh in the mountainous desert.

indus_valley.jpg (96073 bytes)
Indus valley from top of one of the many monasteries.

hemis_1.jpg (91693 bytes)
Hemis - largest monastery that is well-known for its dance-festival in summer.

hemis_2.jpg (98324 bytes)
Wooden balconies in Hemis.

leh_prayerflags.jpg (65690 bytes)
Prayerflags on the top of Namgyal peak.

sakyamuni.jpg (77102 bytes)
Buddha Sakyamuni, the historical Buddha, is often depicted in rural painting and statues.

traktok01.jpg (46766 bytes)
Green sidevalley, at its end lies the monastery Traktok

maitreya.jpg (127360 bytes)
Large statue of Maitreya at Thikse monastery.

door.jpg (73522 bytes)
Door to a monastery.


alchi_gompa.jpg (144856 bytes)
Alchi is famous for the paintings in its monasteries. The rural paintings are the last from the time when Kashmiri artists were spreading Buddhist teachings with their amazing art.

alchi_fields.jpg (81840 bytes)
The location of the village in the green oasis is equally stunning.

house.jpg (50305 bytes)
hHouse of a more affluent Ladakhi

lamayuru.jpg (115261 bytes)
Moonscape near Lamayuru


map_zanskar.jpg (242265 Byte)
Zanskar map 3D.

nun_kun.jpg (83662 bytes)
The twin-peaked Nun (7'135m) and Kun (7'134 m) are the highest mountains in Zanskar.

nun_kun_glacier.jpg (95450 bytes)
Its glaciers run far down into the valley and end just across the river near the road.

flower.jpg (87128 bytes)
Stunning meadows with dozens of different flowers.

yueldo.jpg (102990 bytes)
Wide valley near the hamle of Yüldo. The chortens represent Vajrapani (black), Avalokitshvara (white) and Manjushri (red) and announce that we have left the Muslim-influneced part of Ladakh behind us and enter the predominantely Buddhist Zanskar.

portrait09.jpg (41561 bytes)
Old Zanskari lady who leads the households of Yüldo.

rangdum01.jpg (40476 bytes)
The horses from Yüldo have a reputation of being the most suitable ones for playing polo.

rangdum02.jpg (77500 bytes)
The wide valley of Yüldo is surrounded by steep walls.

penzila.jpg (112689 bytes)
The higest pass so far: from Penzi La (4'401 m)  the glacier


bardum.jpg (98029 bytes)
Bardan monastery watches the entrance to the Lungnak valley..

lungnak.jpg (73551 bytes)
Steep rockfaces and narrow valleys are characteristic of Zanskar, on the few plateaus glacial water is used for irrigation.

phuktal01.jpg (90576 bytes)
Monastery Phuktal:one of the most stunning monasteries in the whole Himalayas.

phuktal02.jpg (91495 bytes)
The white buildings seem like a swallow nest clinging to the sheer rock faces.

phuktal03.jpg (122774 bytes)


kargiakmountain.jpg (93930 bytes)
Pyramid mountain looking out of the mist.

kargiakh.jpg (69061 bytes)
The small village of Kargiakh seems to be the most populated town south of Padum.

mani02.jpg (79789 bytes)
Fine rock carvings are often done during the long winters where people cannot do any work outside the house.

shingo01.jpg (40763 bytes)
Starting the ascent of Shingo La: The good weather quickly gives way to light snowfall.

shingo02.jpg (16697 bytes)
Fog and snow are getting stronger with every minute. After an hour we are lost, one pony limps, the horsemen are crying, but luckily two locals with their yaks have followed our path and pass us, leading the way.

shingo03.jpg (31918 bytes)
Probably my most strenuous and least glorious pass I have ever climbed: Shingo La, 5'051 m

bruecke.jpg (70167 bytes)
Bridge before Zanskar Sumdo, getting the mules to cross it takes some time.

zanskar_sumdo.jpg (56102 bytes)
From Zanskar Sumdo it is an easy and enjoyable walk to Dharcha. The Manali-Leh highway passes the village and we take a bus to Manali, regretting to have spent only three weeks in the Indian Himalayas.