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for more and better pictures about the area see Pictures Kangchenjunga - Olungchungkola


Kathmandu - Sekatum

Sekathum - Ghunsa - Kangbachen

Kangbachen - Lhonak - Pangpema

Tengkoma Climb - Ghunsa

Ghunsa - Suketar - Kathmandu


suketar_airport.jpg (75632 bytes)

Suketar airstrip could be called exposed, the runway is wide and long, but steep drops are on each side.

jogidanda_02.jpg (92307 bytes)
Terraces and typical Rai houses are the first highlights after half a day of walking.

linkhim.jpg (113691 bytes)
Terraced fields along the Tamur river let you forget you are close to the 3rd hightest peak on earth.

tapethok.jpg (319071 bytes)

Hamlets on the hillsides, forests, waterfalls - what a relief after busy chaotic Kathmandu.

tapethok_bridge.jpg (100051 bytes)

Swaying bridges; an exciting way that saves us from further ups and downs.

thiwa.jpg (79451 bytes)

Typical Rai village with neatly arranged houses that are surrounded by wheat and fice fields.

tamur.jpg (100760 bytes)

Waterfalls, creeks and a variety of plants make for an interesting walk

house.jpg (69485 bytes)


gyabla.jpg (100219 bytes)
Wheat fields in Gyabla

dendi_bagman.jpg (68146 bytes)

Dendi and Bagman, two of our Sherpas.

porters_1.jpg (99566 bytes)

Without porters - their smiles and carrying capabilities - trekking would only be half as much fun.

porters_2.jpg (90495 bytes)

The strength of Trisuli porters is legendary, the women carry a little less than the men, but still much, much, much more than I could

phale_woman.jpg (103408 bytes)

Carpet weaver in typical Tibetan dress in Phale, a settlement of   refugees.

ghunsa_farmer.jpg (90824 bytes)

Farmers in Ghunsa plough the fields for planting potatoes.

ghunsa_kangbachen_bridge.jpg (91645 bytes)

Bridge over the Ghunsa Khola halfway between Ghunsa and Kangbachen.


jannu_range.jpg (148518 bytes)

We stare in awe. Jannu, 7'710 meters high wall of rock.

kangbachen_range.jpg (101463 bytes)

One the 'smaller' companions of Jannu.


kangbachen_camp.jpg (94221 bytes)

Our camp in Kangbachen, small dots far down in the valley.


jannu.jpg (125716 bytes)

Walking up the glacier to Jannu base camp. Climbing this face is considered to be one of the most difficult climbs. Any guesses why?

kangbachen_lhonak_drohmo.jpg (102037 bytes)

Dark moraines stand out against the white peaks as we approach Lhonak. The peak at the right is Drohmo, Tnegkoma is on the left of this ridge.

merra_peak.jpg (82697 bytes)
Merra peak with its impressive glaciers.


lhonak_valley.jpg (81256 bytes)

Valley just before reaching Lhonak, Tengkoma is the rock/snow summit at the left..


lhonak_camp_1.jpg (119908 bytes)

Our camp site for the next few days, usually it snowed only at night and it melted in the warm sunshine during the day.


joel.jpg (59153 bytes)

Wedge Peak in Joel's sunglasses.


lhonak_camp_morning_2.jpg (132468 bytes)

Sunrise in Lhonak after a cold, snowy and windy night..


lhonak_camp_morning_1.jpg (104127 bytes)

A little snow fell over night and makes the scenery even more enchanting.


twins.jpg (76979 bytes)

View of the Twins ??? from Pangema.


wedge_peak_west_ridge.jpg (141246 bytes)

Wedge Peak from Lhonak.


lhonak_camp_morning_3.jpg (120065 bytes)

Another beautiful morning in Lhonak.

tengkoma_camp.jpg (78355 bytes)

Leaving high camp and climbing the first couloir in the dawn, glacier and Kangbachen in the background.


kangchenjunga.jpg (98450 bytes)

During our climb the sun puts Kangchenjunga in an orange light. The ridge of Wedge Peak lies still in the dark.

drohmo.jpg (98595 bytes)

Drohmo peak, part of the same ridge like Tengkoma.

tengkoma_high_camp.jpg (86715 bytes)

View down the Kangchenjunga glacier towards Kangbachen. Dendi climbing down towards high camp, the tiny 'plateau'  on the left.

tengkoma_climb_02.jpg (108719 bytes)

We are the little dots on the brown scree.


tengkoma_snow_dome.jpg (106040 bytes)

The ridge continues behind the snow dome,  but halfway up Dendi and I decided to turn.


tengkoma_posing.jpg (115355 bytes)

We turn back before the summit, me disappointed.  The smile is not faked, though.


rhododrendron_3.jpg (78447 bytes)

After a week in barren rock and snow, the blooming rhododendron on the way to Ghunsa is a wonderful experience.


ghunsa_phale.jpg (96485 bytes)

Fragrant forests, tones of green and yellow make me feel like being in another world again.

ghunsa_family.jpg (66116 bytes)

Family that runs the guesthouse in Ghunsa, remembering dinner in their house still makes me feel nostalgic.


phale_forest.jpg (105175 bytes)

Enchanted forest between Ghunsa and Phale, small creeks murmur between moss-covered boulders.

phale_yaks.jpg (98861 bytes)

Yaks are loaded for their journey to the pastures.

rhododrendron_1.jpg (71685 bytes)

Rhododendrons in spring


fields_tamur.jpg (102439 bytes)
Terraces in the Tamuar valley near Taplejung.


tapethok_hills.jpg (37390 bytes)

The morning's rain evaporates within 20 minutes after the afternoon sun starts to shine.

jogidanda.jpg (96663 bytes)

Rai house at the end of our trip



tapethok_bridge_02.jpg (81524 bytes)
On the way to Chirwa.


patan_festival_parade.jpg (77964 bytes)

Newari festival in Patan.

boudha_monks.jpg (131611 bytes)

Buddhist novices enjoying the festival in Boudha.

monks_boudha.jpg (40796 bytes)
Monnks are reciting texts.